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Maku Fanchulini


Maku Fanchulini

Maku Fanchulini


This is a show based on physical action and comic communication with the audience in an active, fresh and unconcerned way. Maku communicates with few words, thus creating a universal language. The technical moments, playful and explosive actions happen dynamically during the show and are part of a universe full of eccentric balances, delirium, active participation of the audience, provocation and tenderness that lead to a surprising and unexpected end. For 50 minutes the clown entertains, amuses and astonishes, showing her personality, craft and a clown soul to deliver.

Street clown, acrobat and juggler. Maku Fanchulini has been working for 20 years. Her restless spirit, her speaking body and the wild art finely metered have led her to live all the artistic experiences necessary to transform herself into a complete and inspiring artist, with a magical realism that captivates the audience, in the same way that induces her to feel that life can always be a little bit better (according to her, the fundamental purpose of the clowns). She was born as a street artist in the late 90's and early 2000's in the squares of Buenos Aires and the Spanish popular festivals, adding the experience and stage learning during 6 seasons at the legendary Circus Vachi (Argentina). Maku is known by her audience as an explosive and innovative clown, creator of her own material and performer of an art that moves from old clowning to contemporary circus that has led her to create her own circuit in Argentina, Brazil or Spain, where she performs most of the time.


Company: Maku Fanchulini

Name of the show: Metro y medio 

Cast: Maku Fanchulini

Directed by: El Payaso Chacovachi

Audience: Family show

Stage: Street, theater or circus tent

Measures: Minimum 6x6m

Duration of the show: 50 minutes

Assembly time: 2 hours

Disassembly time: 1 hour

Language: No text


  • Maku Fanchulini
  • Maku Fanchulini
  • Maku Fanchulini
  • Maku Fanchulini
  • Maku Fanchulini
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